The Ancient Druids

Napier Street, Cambridge (01223) 576324

Current Average Rating : 5.0

Mike Miller: (18/01/00) Reasonably large and without much character, making it ideal for big meet-ups. Clientele an odd mix of suspicious-looking groups of teenagers and odd people with beards playing cards or board games. It's Charles Wells, with therefore Eagle and Bombardier; they often also have Speckled Hen on - these beers are a little expensive. Worse still, vodka is particularly expensive. Has quite a few fruit machines. A few benches outside, but not in a garden as such (just outside the entrance, by the (quiet) road). Does food, but when I tried to eat once they only had one dish on - an odd chilli. I think generally they use the normal Charles Wells menu plus specials. Overall a strange place; I don't mind visiting but would rather go somewhere else.

Rating : 5

Alan Tonkin: (18/10/98) I believe that the Ancient Druids is a TOP pub and I would highly recommend it. The pub has a good atmosphere and I drink in there at least 2 and possibly 3 times a week. The prices are not that expensive but it depends on what you are drinking.

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Richard Kastein: Ultra-modern and very expensive. Didn't seem to have much of a soul.

Rating : 6

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