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Dedicated to the memory of the Cow and Calf.

IMPORTANT NEWS... - this guide will be in a half-updated state for the near future, as I add new information while trying to sort out the old. For more information follow the link...(item of 05/01/00)...

Hello and welcome to my Pub Guide to Cambridge. There are currently reviews for 123 pubs/bars, plus 3 recently closed pubs, and 'non-reviews' for 8 pubs in the Cambridge city limits not yet reviewed. Please read the using this guide section if you're new to it. Your reviews are welcome - see the information section of this page.

This guide has various sections:

General info and motivation

Cambridge. Nice place. Lots of good pubs too. The general idea of this guide is to be a bit different from the average pub guide and to get a treasury of people's comments about Cambridge pubs, so it's a little more objective. So mail me your comments and they'll go on! Some explanations of area covered, my ideas etc. can be found here, if anybody is vaguely interested!

This page is dedicated to the memory of the finest pub in Cambridge, the Cow And Calf, which tragically closed in February 1999 and as of February 2000 is about to be demolished and turned into housing. All because the council thought it would go for the 'most money' option rather than maintaining it as a community pub. A travesty.

I'll add a list by owning brewery when I get around to it, and promise to add reviews for the rest when I get time. In the meantime, if you have any comments you'd like included about any Cambridge pub then go here and I'll include your reviews. Unedited, unless you get too libelous.

In the future I'll possibly extend this to restaurants and similar stuff (though I'll probably draw the line at reviewing Cindy's (ahem!)) - any other suggestions appreciated.

Using the Guide

Each pub in the guide has reviews associated wih it, and often a rating (out of 10). This is a personal opinion, and should be taken 'as is'. Every effort is made to ensure the accuracy of the reviews but in a volatile industry, what is true today may not be tomorrow. Also, some of the reviews are based on just one or two visits, so may fail to catch the real characteristics of the pubs. Since mid 1998 I have dated every review, which at least should give an indication of how old (and hence how potentially inaccurate) the reviews are (no date = at least 15 months old), plus the review texts hopefully make it reasonably obvious if it's an after one visit review or an after 100 visits review. If you find something that's wrong then please let me know, and offer your own review at the same time. When I deem a review to be too old, I'll move it to the 'old reviews' section at the bottom of the pub page, and no longer take it's rating into account.

All articles herein are copyrighted to myself and the original authors.

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Credits and Acknowledgements

Thanks to Andrew Hollingsworth, Richard Kastein, Daniel Auger, Ben Chalmers, Rob Hague, Alan Tonkin, Donald Applegate, Matthew Barlow, Mark Harrison, Eric and Ninfa Carpenter, Nick Breame and Wendy Seegar for their contributions to date. Cheers! Hopefully more of you will follow this 'excellent' example (ahem!).

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