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How to define Cambridge? A difficult question. The original aim was to cover 'close-by' pubs, ie. the ones that any visitor or passing student may see. But this was a bit restrictive really. Probably the best definition is the Cambridge city limits. However this then excludes Grantchester, Fen Ditton, and other places people are likely to go! So, for the purposes of this guide, 'Cambridge' means the area covered by the Cambridge A-Z. This throws the net a bit wide, and means one has to consider places like Fulbourn which probably shouldn't count, but it's a big world and there's more pubs to visit...

Review information

As of some random point about a year ago, I started dating the reviews. Any review without a date on is therefore older than a year or so. Such reviews are quite possibly now out-of-date. I'm currently (16th May 99) trying to update all of my reviews though others may not be. Any facilities etc. mentioned in the reviews are (probably) correct as of the date of last visiting the pub before writing the review (which can be anything from the day before to six months before the date of the review) though may well no longer be true.

Good pubs

A good pub is difficult to define, though it's often easy to tell when first entering a pub whether it's what you want or not. My ideal place would be:

I know that makes me sounds like an old man. Oh well, maybe I am at heart. The Cow and Calf was almost perfect, except when it ran out of beer, or when it inexplicably got full before Christmas, or whatever. That was part of the fun!

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