The Baron Of Beef

19 Bridge Street, Cambridge (01223) 576720

Current Average Rating : 5.3

Mike Miller: (18/01/00) I never know what to think about this place - sometimes I think it's rather good, other times I hate it. It's Greene King and has a full range of the GK beers, it's got a (small - 4 benches) beer garden that never seems to get any sun, and for a while they seemed to have taken to playing Belle and Sebastian CDs, which has to be a good thing. But it's expensive, Greene King, has very silly fishing nets on the ceiling, the bar is too long so it can take forever to get served, it gets far too busy, the clientele can be a little dodgy... Rather an enigma really. Visit and decide for yourself. Has a TV and fruit machines.

Rating : 5.5

Andrew Hollingsworth: Avoid the baron of a landlord, avoid this pub.

(11/03/99) New management!

Rating : 5

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Richard Kastein: I concur with Andrew's remarks. Nothing particularly special when we visited though it has been refurbished since.

Rating : 5

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