The Bath Ale House

Bene't Street, Cambridge (01223) 350969

Current Average Rating : 6.5

Mike Miller: (18/01/00) 'On the site of an Augustinian Ale House' the Bath is a popular pub with locals, students and tourists alike, though tourists tend to be more attracted to the Eagle. It's a Hogshead, but disguises this reasonably well - however, the beer choices, menus and staff outfits will alert you eventually. The beer range is good but has gone down recently (there was a change of manager) - still, there's a good chance you can get Pedigree, 6X, Boddingtons, possibly Speckled Hen, and often some unknown guests. They don't have as many City of Cambridge beers as they used to have though, alas, but recent visits have revealed Hobson's Choice most of the time. They encourage you to have a taster - good for them. Occasional beer festivals are held - national Hogshead ones. The prices are about average for the town centre - you don't really feel like you're getting ripped off (or at least no more than anywhere else in Cambridge). Food is served just about all day, but isn't very impressive, and unless you take advantage of one of the offers is quite poor value for money. It is delivered quickly though, from the standard Hogshead range. It can get extremely busy - it's far too small really for it's customer base, but the 'ye olde' wooden beams do give it a cosy charm, particularly in winter. Bouncers unfortunately at weekends. In all regards though, certainly worth checking out, though best if it's not extremely busy.

Rating : 6.5

Old reviews...

Andrew Hollingsworth: Very popular with students, is usually a bit of a squash, but good range of beers : worth a visit.

Rating : 6.5

Richard Kastein: Like The Eagle, expensive, but you'll always find a fair number of students in here. Generally pretty full though it empties during exam term. Mostly bar stools but has a couple of grandad chairs.

Rating : 6

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