Ha! Ha! Bar and Canteen at the Blue Boar

(formerly the Blue Boar)

17 Trinity Street, Cambridge (01223) 506611

Current Average Rating : 2.0

Mike Miller: (18/01/00) While the Blue Boar, this held the honour of being the lowest-rated 'pub' in this guide both my me and by everyone. But it wasn't *quite* that bad, just pretty awful (certainly the only place I've seen two people vomit onto a toilet floor in the space of a few minutes). Now : it's all a bit more wooden, less dimly-lit, the staff are reasonably friendly and there's a strong emphasis on food. No real ale of course, but the 'beer' dispensers are all pleasantly metal - looks stylish but difficult to read! Expensive as you may expect. A pointless 'pub' for anyone who thinks remotely like me.

Rating : 2

Old reviews (while the Blue Boar)...

Richard Kastein: Very dimly lit, very expensive, very dire. On my last visit some people were physically sick.

Rating : 1

Wendy Seegar: (12/01/99) When I go shopping in Cambridge with my 12 year old daughter and my mother, we often drop into the Blue Boar for a glass of wine mod-morning, or sometimes lunch, but not recently. It has always been pleasant, and mostly civilised, but I wouldn't go in the evenings as I have heard it can be dreadful.

The last time we were there was 16/12/98 and it had just been redecorated. We had a decent bottle of House wine on offer at 3.50 (!) and it was very quiet, the barman was nice - recommended the wine offer - and I wouldn't hesistate to recommend it to anyone.

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