The Boat Race

170 East Road, Cambridge (01223) 570063

Current Average Rating : 4.8

Mike Miller: (18/01/00) This place is mainly for gigs in the evenings, but it's open at lunchtimes as well. I visited at lunch, and it's a bit dark and dingy (no doubt you don't notice when you're at a concert). Some of the seating was old bus seats, which added a bit of novelty value (and was surprisingly not uncomfortable). Not really worth visiting just for the pub part though, hence I haven't visited since June 1998. Suppose I will again soon.

Rating : 4.5

Richard Kastein: (25/09/98) Very quiet when we visited, but then it was the middle of the afternoon. Is best known for its gigs in the evenings and can't be judged fairly without going to one of these as it is certainly more geared to this than being a normal pub.

Rating : 5

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