The Cambridge Blue

85-87 Gwydir Street, Cambridge (01223) 361382

Current Average Rating : 6.8

Mike Miller: Hidden away in the middle of a row of houses, this is basically a house converted into a pub. This gives it a lot of charm. Owned by Nethergates, so lots of their beers available. Lovely garden out back for summer evenings. Inside the pub is split into smoking and non-smoking sections. There is a lot of memorabilia on the walls - bank notes, rail signs, etc. You get the feeling you're living in someone else's house while you're there which is a great novelty, though I suppose it might wear off after a while. Has both a dog and a cat. I was very impressed.

Rating : 8

Richard Kastein: Recommended by a friend, this turned out to be a bit of a let-down as it was rather quiet when we visited, though it did liven up a little. As you enter the pub beware of walking into a wall, rather strangely placed in front of the bar. A very limited range of beers. You can drink out the back apparently and there is a non-smoking section.

Rating : 5

Andrew Hollingsworth: Despite the unusual jutting out bit at the entrance of this pub, I have to say it is one of my favourite pubs in this area of the city. Superb beer garden in the summer and loony landlord who, I have heard, has been known to call last orders through a traffic cone! A friendly welcome is offered to all!

Rating : 7.5

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