Churchill College Bar

Storeys Way, Cambridge (01223) 336000

Current Average Rating : 6.0

Mike Miller: Very large and they give you proper handled beer glasses, at least early in the evening. Not much atmosphere though - too many people in suits looking serious last time I visited. The amount of space could be a plus but makes it impersonal too.

Rating : 6

Andrew Hollingsworth: One of the best Cambridge bars, in my opinion. Although it can feel like sitting in an airport departure lounge (complete with tropical plants and palm trees), this bar has good staff, no discrimination against non-Churchillians and sells Seabrooke crinkle cut crisps, simply the best crisps in the world (which for some strange reason you never see in shops down here in the southern quarters of this nation).

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This document created by Mike Miller. Last edited 13/09/98.