The Clarendon Arms

35-36 Clarendon Street, Cambridge (01223) 313937

Current Average Rating : 6.3

Mike Miller: (12/09/98) Quite a reasonable 'back-street' pub, Greene King alas, with a small outside section (two tables!).

Rating : 6

Richard Kastein: Serves up meals; I enjoyed mine. This pub's worth another visit. I've been there three times and have no complaints. Has a TV.

Rating : 7

Andrew Hollingsworth: This pub is alright, despite its tendency to be townie rather than gownie. Friendly landlord (I think he was the landlord); not of the type who thinks that students are aliens from outer space (though, then again, that's not always an innaccurate observation). Try it.

Rating : 6

Eric and Ninfa Carpenter: (04/03/99) This is by far the best pub I have visited in all of Britain, the regulars of all ages are fun, the food is good, Barry the landlord and his four bar backs (Phil, Phil, Will and Richard) and the cooks (Pauline, Carol and Trish) are all a hoot and make everyone feel welcome. 'The Arms' now offers 'Wild Turkey', 'Caffreys' and 'Bass' along with the standard 'Greene King' fare. My wife and I visit at least once a week...needless to say we highly recommend it!!! Hope to see everyone there soon.

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