The County Arms

43 Castle Street, Cambridge (01223) 566696

Current Average Rating : 8.5

Mike Miller: (08/03/99) Refurbished in early 1998, the County Arms is nice, serves decent beer, and very nice food, though it's less inexpensive than it was before refurbishment, alas. The jacket potatoes and chicken and chips are particularly recommended by me. It's got two dogs too, who are reasonably friendly; they want you to throw beer mats at them but if you do they're likely to pester you for the rest of the evening. Everards pubs are good; they serve the very nice Tiger beer. There is also usually Adnams, and at the moment Courage Directors. They do a pub quiz on Tuesdays which is just about impossible, but packs out the place anyway. Possible to find a seat almost always otherwise (Friday and Saturday can be a bit hairy but usually okay). Has darts, though the bar billiards went in the refurbishment. (It used to have the slight advantage of having the most attractive bar staff in Cambridge (or one member of it at least), though these great days have passed, quite considerably by now. A terrible shame.) It attracts a more 'youthful' but less 'studenty' atmosphere than The Cow and Calf did, which isn't really a good thing. There aren't any other problems with the place though. Bar staff generally nice and full of character; landlord nice bloke but rather bonkers. Very well worth a visit.

Rating : 9

Andrew Hollingsworth: Very good. I like carpeted pubs. Friendly bar staff, but petition under way for them to return the wheel of fortune to the mantlepiece where it resided before refurbishment.

(08/03/99) I am pleased to announce that the Wheel of Fortune has returned! For the beer drinker : visit the County for Everards Tiger.

Rating : 9

Richard Kastein: Newly refurbished, comfortable, pleasant; top place. Darts, 'Top of the Pops' quiz machine, dogs sometimes.

Rating : 8

Ben Chalmers (23/11/98) Often a little crowded, but an Everards pub, and as such not a place to be overlooked. The food is excellent and comes in generous portions, and beer tends to be good (although they have served me the single worst pint of Old Speckled Hen I have ever had the misfortune to taste). The taste in music can be a little eccentric, and occasionally too loud. The pub quiz is far too difficult, and there is a mad dog, which at least tries to find an excuse before biting you. I actually like this place, but it does have downsides.

Rating : 8

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