Cow And Calf (closed)

Pound Hill, Cambridge (01223) 576220

Achieved Average Rating : 8.2 {Editor : But 11 in spirit}

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Mike Miller: (19/07/98) This is, beyond all doubt, the best pub in Cambridge. It's friendly, cheap, serves good beer, and it's got three cats, which only really bite people if they're horrid to them (such as teasing them with crisps). What more could anyone want? They often have a brilliant pub quiz on Wednesdays which I've actually managed to win twice, though it only happens intermittently out of term time. They've got a piano which people are allowed to play if they're any good at it (well, okay, I've only actually seen one person play it apart from the professionals, but she was good enough), an occasional harmonica player, a pool table, college crests on the walls (though the Fitz one seems to have mysteriously disappeared), a TV, brasses... the list goes on and on. They sell lovely personalised lighters and matches. The beer is varied and changes often; beers from Cambridge brewery are always available, from Hobson's Choice to seasonal beers. Only two words of warning : the background music is usually alright but very rarely is quite poor, and you really need to go with people who appreciate this sort of pub (if you're with people who don't like this sort of brilliance, then their nagging will spoil the experience). If you're looking for a 'happening' place, don't come here. If you're looking for a place where you can sit down. relax, have a real pint at a cheap price and appreciate the way life should be, then you'll love it. It's to Cambridge pubs what Cambridge is to every other city in Britain - like being in a very pleasant timewarp. Lots of Fitzwilliam second year made this their home last year, and who can blame them? Fantastic.

Rating : 10

Daniel Auger: The cat in this pub can bite quite hard!

Andrew Hollingsworth: On our first visit to this pub we were struck by how quiet and old man-like it was. Since then I have been when it has been busier and more friendly. It's not that bad after all, but shouldn't be over-rated (sorry Mike!).

Rating : 8

Richard Kastein: Its frosted up windows make it look unwelcoming but once you get inside it's fairly OK; if you're lucky you'll get the confused barman and turn up on pub quiz night (Wednesday). People of the older generation predominate but depending on the night you may find some students. Tragically the golf computer game has now diasappeared but there are still a TV and a piano, both of which would seem to be in a permanent state of disuse; there is also a pool table which is used. College shields around the place.

Rating : 6

Ben Chalmers: (23/11/98) Certainly one of Cambridge's best, the Cow and Calf isn't at all great for people wanting soft drinks, or spirits, and despite their encouragement for me to 'make time for wine' I think I would pass on that too. The beer, however, is fantastic, consisting mainly of excellent brews from the Cambridge Brewery. If you want real ale, the certainty of finding a seat at half ten in the evening and the ability to talk to your friends without being drowned out by loud music, the Cow and Calf is the place to go. It also has cats. Cats are good.

Rating : 10

Rob Hague (14/01/99) Very nice, if a bit quiet. Occasionally suffers from a lack of beer, but otherwise a nice, relaxing pub. It would only be a 6, but gets an extra mark for the cats.

Rating : 7

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