The Cricketers

18 Melbourne Place, Cambridge (01223) 516701

Current Average Rating : 7.0

Mike Miller: Very nice - I liked this place, not least because it was dry when I visited, having walked through a thunderstorm. In typical Cambridge fashion, it's Greene King again. I visited on a Jazz night, which was quite nice. The pool table is situated in possibly the most awkward place imaginable which makes playing quite fun.

Rating : 7

Richard Kastein: I really like this pub, not least because it offers a tasty half-price lunch on weekdays. Has a pleasant beer garden out the back. Jazz on Wednesday evenings.

Rating : 8

Andrew Hollingsworth Bar staff can be very friendly or anti-student, depending on the mood they're in. It's probably best to go on one of their jazz nights (even if you don't like jazz) because you will then get the numbers and the atmosphere. OK for lunches too (with student discount offer). Back yard for summer evenings.

Rating : 6

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