Fitzwilliam College Bar

Huntingdon Road, Cambridge (01223) 332000

Current Average Rating : 7.0

Mike Miller: (14/05/99) As my college bar, I suppose I'm a little biased towards this place, but I think it's perfectly reasonable, even if I'd rather be in a pub. The bar staff are very friendly - we're probably the only college bar to be run by an ex-professional footballer! - though all different from the staff a year ago that had been called 'an institution' by many. Tetley's is now available on cask rather than smooth-flow, though the price has risen accordingly. There's usually an Adnam's beer on now too. Generally though I go for the bottled Bass, which is cheap and quite pleasant. There's table football, darts (though not both at the same time!), and ever-changing arcade machines. Sports society photos and the required blades adorn the walls. The music can be too loud, it can get far too full, but there's usually someone there I know, so it's rather sociable. Whatever you do, don't put your feet on the stools!

Rating : 6.5

Andrew Hollingsworth: Rating : 7

Richard Kastein: (24/11/98) While other people are attracted here partly by the dubious charms of a certain barmaid (Editor's Note to people in Fitz who may read this : this comment is NOT about me!), I've always enjoyed coming here for the friendly atmosphere created by the students. Small - maybe too small - and cosy, it has table football and games machines (including football - cool!). The juke box is quite good too. The range of beers is reasonable, including Grolsch which I haven't found much elsewhere. I'm not sure why, but I don't like spending too long there. For some reason, probably college loyalty, I wouldn't rate it as highly as Mike.

Rating : 7.5

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