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7 Prospect Row, Cambridge (01223) 368337

Current Average Rating : 6.3

Mike Miller: (18/10/98) A small Greene King pub, selling only Greene King mild, IPA and Abbot in the beer range. The pint of Abbot I had was disgusting and I left most of it - whether this was the fault of the pub or whether it was the way Abbot is supposed to be is unknown. The pub was busy and we were unable to sit down. Lots of boatie stuff lines the walls, though there is a bizarre photo of the Cambridge University 'Alternative Medical Society' to look out for. Generally though, I was very unimpressed.

Rating : 4

Richard Kastein: Cambridge's only completely non-smoking pub as far as I know. My companion was distinctly unimpressed by one of the barmen's attire. Popular with bell-ringers I hear, and no doubt unpopular with smokers.

Rating : 6

Andrew Hollingsworth: Rating : 5

Mark Harrison: (12/01/99) My favourite pub in Cambridge - a warm, friendly atmosphere serving good food and fine ale. The IPA is some of the best I've tasted in the area and the Guinness is worth travelling for! A wholesome range of food is normally available lunchtime and evenings. But the pub really shines for the friendly welcome given to both locals and strangers. The smoke free air is great, and a surprising number of smokers appreciate it too - there's often quite a group outside having a quick ciggy!

Try for yourself - this pub gets 10 out of 10 from me!

Rating : 10

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