The Fresher And Firkin

16 Chesterton Road, Cambridge (01223) 324325

Current Average Rating : 6.7

Mike Miller: (21/07/98) Very large Firkin pub with a brewery on site, a large open-plan area for the main (very long) bar. Lots of Firkin beers which was a pleasant change from the norm - 'Fresher' was alright. The seats are rather more like barrels - unusual and rather uncomfortable. A large TV screen at one end of the main bar catered for most people's World Cup tastes. Interesting place; will visit again.

Rating : 7

Richard Kastein: Always packed with students, this is a lively pub. One time we visited there was karaoke, another time football on the telly being watched by almost a hundred - the cheer as we came in turned out not to be for us but for England having scored! A wide range of beers, but at a price. There is a bar upstairs that I've been to where there are parties. If you look even slightly underage you might get IDed which is annoying but otherwise no great complaints.

Rating : 7

Andrew Hollingsworth: Rating : 6

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