The Hopbine

11-12 Fair Street, Cambridge (01223) 505025

Current Average Rating : 7.0

Mike Miller: (28/05/99) A large, well-furnished Greene King pub with a large TV, some very comfy chairs, a jukebox with mostly alright music on it not played too loud, and can be a good place. But it seems to have gone down in quality of clientele in the last year or so - notices keep on springing up about no illegal activities allowed on the premises, etc., and the 'regulars' leave something to be desired on occasions. Certainly attracting a more youthful crowd than it used to; not really a good thing. And they seem adamant not to stock Greene King's best 'regular' beer, Triumph. Naughty them. Hopefully will improve again.

Rating : 5

Richard Kastein: Comfortable seats, first-rate juke box and much bigger than I realised at first. It seems to have a good young-old mix despite our first impressions that it was an oldies' pub.

Rating : 8

Andrew Hollingsworth This pub has a good juke box, played at the right volume. It is never crowded, but still tends to attract younger people. Beware, though, because, like The Pickerel, they have those modern straight pint glasses mixed in with their curvy ones.

Rating : 8

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