Jesus College Bar

Jesus Lane, Cambridge (01223) 339339

Current Average Rating : 7.3

Mike Miller: Quite a decent selection of beer at good prices, reasonably large, and if you go early enough you get a proper handled pint glass. Very nice. Shame that the furniture is fraying and very hard to sit on. Plays mellow on Sunday evenings, much to the annoyance of some people, though I think it's okay. Always open surprisingly late too.

(25/11/98) Post-refurbishment, nothing much has changed except the beer prices have gone up significantly! There's new stools in a colour incongruous with the rest of the bar, and that's about it really. Still an okay place to be but nothing special.

Rating : 7

Andrew Hollingsworth: Rating : 7.5

Richard Kastein: (24/11/98) Before the scheduled refurbishment it was generally a pleasant place to take a cheap drink, though occasionally on Friday and Saturday nights, being rather small, it got too crowded and sometimes the atmosphere was marred by drunken boaties and the like. But a good range of beers, a pool table, table football, a darts board, juke box, games machines : the lot. Many pleasant evenings/end of evenings spent here. Never really liked the furnishing or the flooring but maybe after the refurbishment it is/will be better. Don't get the wrong side of the barmen who are nice chaps really! Worth mentioning is the pleasant fact that last orders are at the amazingly late time for Cambridge of 11.30!

Rating : 7.5

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