The Lord Byron

Cambridge Railway Station, Station Road, Cambridge

Current Average Rating : 4.0

Mike Miller: (13/07/98) Situated inside the railway station (just beyond the cafe) this is still a 'proper' pub with pub sign, tables, bar, etc. It's a free house too, though don't expect real ales or anything nice like that. Limited range, bar person with a most peculiar accent. I liked it a bit because it was at a rail station (always a good thing!) but generally it was nothing special. A second visit was even worse - they seem to have a policy of IDing just about everyone, and the half I ordered was the worst pulled- and tasting beer I've had in a very long time.

Rating : 3

Richard Kastein: The smallest pub I've visited in Cambridge, it has a small range and seemed to be short-staffed. Nevertheless had a pleasant intimate feel.

Rating : 5

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