The Mitre Tavern

17 Bridge Street, Cambridge (01223) 358403

Current Average Rating : 6.5

Mike Miller: (05/04/99) A 'Festival Ale House', it's quite expensive and has rather too many affectations, but the beer is alright and quite varied. They supposedly have an offer that they'll get in any beer you ask for; they generally have Pedigree and Old Speckled Hen plus others. Has the scourge of many a good pub - silly comments around the walls. A small TV in the corner. Nothing too special, and can get far too full, but alright for a pint.

Rating : 6.5

Andrew Hollingsworth: A bit too corny with its decor; too 'touristy'. Nice fire to warm you up in winter, but nothing that the Pickerel can't offer you two minutes away.

Rating : 7

Richard Kastein: Always too busy to be able to sit down. A favourite with Johns' students apparently. Has a TV screen. Reasonable enough I suppose.

Rating : 6

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This document created by Mike Miller. Last edited 13/09/98.