The Office

(formerly Man On The Moon)

2 Norfolk Street, Cambridge (01223) 565396

Current Average Rating : 3.7

Mike Miller: (21/01/99) Completely deserted when visited in mid-afternoon, this pub is very clearly split into two rooms, at least one with a television showing VH1. The beer range was Tetley basically. Some office memorabilia was dotted around, seemingly almost as an afterthought.

Rating : 4.5

Richard Kastein: (reviewed while still Man On The Moon) Has two bars : on the night we visited one was extremely crowded becuse of a concert. They'd run out of lager on tap so had to drink from bottles. Made less than a good impression to say the least.

Rating : 3.5

Andrew Hollingsworth (reviewed while still Man On The Moon) Rating : 3

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