Quinns Irish Pub

Holiday Inn, St. Tibb's Row, Cambridge (01223) 556500

Current Average Rating : 7.1

Mike Miller: Nice, large, expensive. Very full in evenings, refreshingly empty (particularly upstairs) the rest of the time. Newspapers are available. Wide range of beer, if a bit expensive. Rather faux Irish, but it doesn't really matter.

Rating : 7

Richard Kastein: Undoubtedly a good find (it took me a year to discover it). Being an Irish pub, it almost invariably has Irish music playing. Has an upstairs lively with students, where there are a couple of TVs that have been called 'too small', and a quieter downstairs. Despite being expensive and being rather limited in its range of beers, it is definitely worth going to.

Rating : 7.5

Andrew Hollingsworth: Enter into the Irish spirit. Large, two floors (with TVs usually showing football upstairs) and absolutely no old fogies.

Rating : 7

Ben Chalmers: (23/11/98) This is a mystery to me. I have an inbuilt hatred of theme pubs, but Quinns has, remarkably, won me over. It's quiet, serves wonderful beer (there is normally Cambridge Brwewery beer on tap) and has a comfortable, welcoming atmosphere. If only they would stop calling it an Irish pub, I would probably give it a higher score.

Rating : 7

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This document created by Mike Miller. Last edited 23/11/98.