St. Radegund

127 King Street, Cambridge (01223) 311794

Current Average Rating : 7.8

Mike Miller: (04/05/99) A very nice, very small and very strange establishment. Always has people in it, can range seemingly randomly from only half-full to heaving. Currently serves London Pride and Spitfire, which are good. Lots of memorabilia can be bought. Lots of stuff around the walls to do with drinking societies, boaties and the like, though fortunately these aren't generally the kind of people who frequent the place. The ceiling is covered with 'graffiti' for no readily apparent reason. Vera Lynn appreciation night early on Friday evenings!

Rating : 8.5

Richard Kastein: Only serves bitters. Has a friendly local feel with a good sprinkling of students. Lots of sports stuff on the walls; still haven't quite fathomed out the reason for the graffiti on the ceiling.

Rating : 6.5

Andrew Hollingsworth: Small, 'quaint' pub, which is the official Jesus College local (St Radegund is the patron saint of Jesus College), though few Jesuians really go. This pub is the real thing.

Rating : 7

Ben Chalmers: (21/04/99) A tiny pub, which looks like there's more space behind the bar than in fromt of it. It can quite often be hard to find somewhere to sit, but when it is a little emptier it's well worth appreciating. The beer tends to be good, there is a wonderful range of pub merchandise and peanuts are served in little plastic cups rather than packets. Very much a Real Pub, and well worth a visit.

Rating : 9

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