The Six Bells

11 Covent Garden, Cambridge (01223) 566056

Current Average Rating : 6.7

Mike Miller: (18/10/98) Quite small, Greene King alas, with only Abbot and IPA. I chose to have a pint of Harp instead! There wasn't anywhere to sit for a while, but it was Friday night. A drunken Irish bloke was chatting to me for a while. Nothing really exciting though.

Rating : 6

Richard Kastein: Two rooms where we encountered young and old including a real character whom we nicknamed 'Belly' who had not inconsiderable musical talent and a propensity for shouting 'Come on girls!' and if that failed 'Come on boys!'; we left in good spirits.

Rating : 7

Andrew Hollingsworth Rating : 7

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This document created by Mike Miller. Last edited 18/10/98.