The Tally Ho

77 High Street, Trumpington, Cambridge (01223) 841161

Current Average Rating : 7.0

Mike Miller: A large Greene King pub, and nice and pleasant. On entering you get the choice of entering the lounge room, bar room, or the bizarrely-named 'jugs' room, which I thought better to avoid! Had a (small) TV in the lounge.

Rating : 7

Richard Kastein: (06/09/98) This was a pleasant Greene King pub. TV in the corner showing the World Cup football. As well as the saloon bar there was a lounge bar and another 'dubious' room which we didn't try. Comfortable (apart from children running up and down rattling the floorboards under our seats).

Rating : 7

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This document created by Mike Miller. Last edited 13/09/98.