The Unicorn

Church Lane, Trumpington, Cambridge (01223) 845102

Current Average Rating : 7.8

Mike Miller: (16/05/99) Certainly one of the better pubs in Cambridge, though my second visit wasn't as delightful as my first. They have a very good range of beers, and appear to regularly hold festivals, which has to be a good thing. It's a 'Wayside Inns' pub, appropriately named as one of the furthest-away pubs I've visited! The food looks very nice if rather expensive; they appear to have stopped the 101 types of jacket potato (each with a different name) alas. You used to be served with a wooden spoon when ordering food with your table number on it, which was a nice novelty (no idea if this still happens). There's a dartboard, a (non-lit) real fire and lots of chopped wood. A good pub, well worth a visit.

Rating : 7.5

Richard Kastein: (06/09/98) One of the best pubs I've visited in the Cambridge area. Serves a delicious hot chocolate fudge cake as well as over 100 kinds of jacket potato. The beer was good and the barmaids friendly and nice. The wooden spoon displaying your table number when getting food was a nice novelty! Worth trying for a full meal some time...or another pint!

Rating : 8

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