The Wrestlers

337 Newmarket Road, Cambridge (01223) 566554

Current Average Rating : 4.7

Mike Miller: (07/09/98) One of the more interesting layouts and colour schemes of the pubs in Cambridge. I don't personally like it that much - a horrid shade of blue/green - but it's a bit of a novelty. Serves Thai food which is apparently very good, though the smell made a friend rather ill!

Rating : 5

Richard Kastein: It really isn't worth the walk to this pub, the furthest from the centre on the Newmarket Road. Green seemed to be a predominant colour - partly this made one of my friends feel distinctly green around the gills in this pub. A strange pillar kind of separates the pub into two. Serves food. Had novelty value though in being a 'Charles Wells' pub, a change from the usual Cambridge Greene King. Hmmm.

Rating : 3

Rob Hague (14/01/99) I don't particularly like The Wrestlers as a pub, but it's worth going just for the excellent Thai food.

Rating : 6 (4 for pub, 8 for food)

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