The Anchor

Silver Street, Cambridge (01223) 353554

Current Average Rating : 6.0

Mike Miller: (18/01/00) It's multi-levelled and the ceilings are quite low, so you have to be careful how you navigate around, particularly when it's busy. There's a nice outside section by the river where in summer you can sit and watch people failing to punt successfully (if you're really lucky, they may fall in too). The beers are quite good : a rather rare outlet now in these parts for Castle Eden; they also generally have standard things like Pedigree and 6X. All at typical city centre prices - so not cheap, but you won't feel ripped-off either. Most staff are nice and friendly though one or two on occasion have seemed determined to serve anyone other than me. There's food at some times of the day, it's a sort of semi-self service salad bar thing I think, though I've never investigated really closely. As for the clientele, there's a lot more 'town' here than you may expect, though you do get quite a bit of 'gown' too. Open all day, including Sundays. It's worth going to, as everyone else will have gone there at some point! Disappointed that they fitted a millennium countdown clock though...

Rating : 6

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Richard Kastein: A riverside pub next to The Mill. Three levels, the top one being the most memorable; it has a pub quiz on Monday nights during term.

Rating : 6.5

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