The Blackamoors Head

205 Victoria Road, Cambridge (01223) 506143

Current Average Rating : 4.0

Mike Miller: (18/01/00) On my visit, in June 1998, it was the first place I'd been IDed in a long time, though presumably because I turned up by myself before meeting friends. Not promising from the outside, it's a bit better inside, with a TV for the World Cup and the ceilings and walls decorated with pages from newspapers of the past few years (though only the 'red-top' tabloids, and includes a number of 'Page 3' pages, which could offend some people). They sold Tetley at a not outrageous price, and had a small number of newspapers to read. But you'll be hard-pressed to find a student here, and there's not really any reason to go back. Hence I haven't for the last 18 months, though externally nothing appears to have changed. They did feature in the local news recently for staging an events day for pensioners whose Christmas party money had been stolen, so their hearts are probably in the right place. Guess I ought to revisit soon.

Rating : 4

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Richard Kastein: Has unfairly received bad press due to its proximity to the Carpenter's Arms. Pretty quiet and you won't find any students here but it wasn't all that bad. I think Sixties music was playing on our visit.

Rating : 4

Andrew Hollingsworth: Rating : 3.5

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