The Carpenters Arms

182-186 Victoria Road, Cambridge (01223) 351814

Current Average Rating : 2.3

Mike Miller: From the exterior, this is just passable, unlike The Blackamoors Head. However, once you get in, it is poorly lit, quite expensive and full of very dubious locals. The beer range is reasonable; I had Old Speckled Hen. Any possible enjoyment was however somewhat marred by the discovery of a dead fly in my drink. My companion said that it felt 'gay', which probably means he thought it was horrible. I'm forced to agree with him.

Rating : 2

Richard Kastein: An eerie place this. Dingey. Not the fault of the pub that a bloke collapsed drunk at the bar and had to be carried out but it was probably indicative of the clientele. Don't expect to find any students here; they've all been scared off by incidents like this or discovering a fly in their drink (poor Mike).

Rating : 2.5

Andrew Hollingsworth: Rating : 2.5

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This document created by Mike Miller. Last edited 13/09/98.