Fat Jacks

(formerly the British Queen)

100 Histon Road, Cambridge (01223) 576837

Current Average Rating : 2.0

Mike Miller: (18/01/00) Sometime around November 1999, The British Queen has been renamed 'Fat Jacks'. While the British Queen it was a Whitbread pub with a limited range of beers and a bad reputation, though while I wouldn't say it made me feel particularly safe all of the time I've certainly been in nastier establishments. Anyway, it was refurb-ed in September 1998 and made it all rather Americanised; the change of name seeming to be simply the end of this process. It advertises being a 'Vodka and Bourbon bar', claims to have 'Sports From Around the World' (?!?!) and, most ominously, a 'Fun Pub'. No real ale of course. Inside it's very Americanised, lots and lots of TVs, two pool tables, some booth-style high 'tables' (very authentic American!), and an admittedly reasonable-looking garden. Signs warning about not taking drugs, never a good sign. I visited on a Monday afternoon and it just had a few old people. Still a very bad reputation for Friday and Saturday nights though (and apparently bouncers). Horrid. Do yourself a favour and go to The Grapes instead - it's not far away!

Rating : 2

Old reviews (while still the British Queen)...

Andrew Hollingsworth: Not the most welcoming pub in Cambridge. Still, they serve beer and it has a carpet.

Rating : 4

Richard Kastein: The time I visited it was reasonable; not much recollection of the place.

Rating : 6

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