The Grapes

19 Histon Road, Cambridge (01223) 506038

Current Average Rating : 7.1

Mike Miller: (16/05/99) A good, large, usually quiet pub, generally no difficulty finding a seat/table. Not your typical Greene King pub; the beers are mostly GK but include the mild, the 'smooth' XS and the seasonal as well as the usual Abbot, IPA and now Triumph. They often also have a non-GK beer; this has included Tiger and Pedigree in the past. Nice cask-dispense on some of the beers too (like The Champion of the Thames). Prices quite reasonable. Lots of stuff on the walls - old cartoons, coin collections, street name signs, lots of GK promotional stuff...all quite interesting. Bar staff are a friendly bunch (despite the fact Fitz students once tried to destroy the place after a Boat Club dinner...). Small outside beer garden/car park. It's a good place, go there.

Rating : 8

Andrew Hollingsworth: I can hardly remember this one (NO, I'm not a Fitz student; it was just a long time ago). So it can't be too good and it can't be too bad.

Rating : 5.5

Richard Kastein: Has a bad reputation but I found it quite nice; comfy, decent juke-box.

Rating : 7

Ben Chalmers: (23/11/98) A pub which is inexplicably never too crowded, the Grapes, while being a Greene King outlet actually serves a good range of beers, which seem to be stored quite well. Comfortable seating and a nice atmosphere.

Rating : 8

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