The Champion of the Thames

68 King Street, Cambridge (01223) 352043

Current Average Rating : 8.0

Mike Miller: (05/04/99) Small, cosy and brilliant, despite being a Greene King pub. Lots of townies and lots of strange corners to sit in, great beards, quite small but can almost always get a table. Nice Abbot ale and Triumph, IPA served too (though I usually avoid it). Sells cigarette lighters with the name of the pub on them, which is always a good thing. Great bar staff (then again, I have to say that as at least one of them is an occasional visitor to these pages! It's true as well though!); run by James who just so happens to be the son-in-law of Les (he of Cow and Calf fame). I'm told it's a great place to be on weekend afternoons, though haven't yet checked this out. A friend fell afoul of the expensive lager, but that's his fault for drinking lager! Good Ladies/Gents signs on the toilets, in the style of old British Rail station signs (well, I think that's good!). Participates lots in local pub quiz leagues, thus explaining why various people were given lots of food the first Sunday evening I visited, which rather confused me at the time. Well worth a look; now one of my favourite Cambridge pubs.

Rating : 9

Andrew Hollingsworth: This is a good pub, convenient for us Jesuans. It is usually balanced between townies and students, though perhaps tipping towards the townie side. Serves IPA and Kronenburg.

Rating : 7

Richard Kastein: A calm haven in the merry-go-round of student life - though I have seen Belly of Six Bells fame here - it has the distinction of being the only pub where I've ever sat in a fireplace. The regulars have a pub quiz of a Sunday evening. Worth a visit.

Rating : 7

Ben Chalmers: (25/04/99) Somewhat of an enigma, its a Greene King pub that I like. Probably having something to do with the fact it is inhabited by bar staff with long standing Cow and Calf connections - making me feel a little like a regular the first time I visited. Always has seats available, and when you see the range of food sold behind the bar, you could probably do your weekly shopping there. If nothing else go in to read the letter on the wall by the bar which gives a very different review of the establishment.

Rating : 9

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