The Rattle and Hum

(formerly The Cambridge Arms)

4 King Street, Cambridge (01223) 505015

Current Average Rating : 5.1

Mike Miller: (05/04/99) While the Cambridge Arms, this was considered a rather dubious place by many people and there were rumours about it being a meeting place for gays, a biker pub, and goodness knows what else. I only visited once but it didn't really seem that bad. Now it's the 'Rattle and Hum' it's surely the worst-named pub in Cambridge, and also the most hideously painted outside. Once inside it's not really that bad - it's Greene King, so there's no beer surprises, indie posters adorn the walls and the music played is actually rather good, though also rather too loud. The giant TV has gone, as has a lot of the space, but the courtyard remains, and there's a vague attempt at a dancefloor (not particularly successful). Still, there's a lot of better pubs in the area!

Rating : 5

Andrew Hollingsworth: (reviewed while still the Cambridge Arms) Only been once, despite the fact I live less than a minute away. This is your town 'scragger', fights, vomit and drugs pub. Intimidating for us soft and vulnerable students. Can't say there was any trouble when I went, but it's supposed to be worse around the back. Safer to stick to the Bun Shop, etc.

Rating : 5.5

Richard Kastein: (reviewed while still the Cambridge Arms) It has a bad reputation but it seemed fine when we visited. I've only visited the bar on the right by the entrance.

Rating : 6

Matthew Barlow: (12/11/98) The best damn pub in Cambridge, loud music, groovey dancefloor, interesting (though a little strange) people. I refuse to call it the Rattle and Hum. The campaign for changing it's name back starts here. Lots of polite bouncers (if there is such a thing), but the best thing it has going for it is... Those cool mushroom lamps, which heat the outside.

PS The new toilets are an improvement too.

Rating : 8

Ben Chalmers: (21/04/99) This pub used to just be loud and uncomfortable when it was the Cambridge Arms, now it's painted blue, is just as crowded and has music blaring out of the speakers. The last time I was there they took about a decade to serve me, and wouldn't allow us to buy rounds. At present the Rattle and Hum is making a good bid for the title of Worst Pub in Cambridge.

Rating : 1

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