The Bun Shop

1 King Street, Cambridge (01223) 366866

Current Average Rating : 5.5

Mike Miller: (18/01/00) I stil can't claim to have been in the two restaurant parts, but the two bars I've been in have been nice, if exceptionally expensive. Can get very busy with students late in the evening, more so downstairs in the 'Irish' bar. Backwards clock downstairs (always a good thing!). Also lots of random 'Cambridge' memorabilia, blades, old shopping items, all sorts of junk. Quite interesting junk, mind. A few fruit/quiz machines. Food looks okay but also very expensive. Serve Young's beers among others, often including Pedigree.

Rating : 6

Ben Chalmers: (21/04/99) Expensive, but serves good beer. Can be a little crowded, and feel a bit impersonal, but it is, at least, comfortable and generally quiet enough for you to have a conversation. Anywhere else it would be a good pub, but with the competition of the Champion and St Rad's, just down the road, I really don't see the point.

Rating : 5

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Andrew Hollingsworth: Not bad at all. Don't go upstairs though, stick to the Irish bar section. Busy, studenty, expensivish, nice nick nacs, good atmosphere, make what you will of it, but has to be visited by any self-respecting person.

(08/03/99) The Bun Shop is not 'expensivish'; it is outright very expensive. When I'm in Leeds, you always get change from two pounds. In the Bun Shop, you'd be lucky. And a little complaint (if any Trading Standards people are reading this) {Editor's note : is it legal to put this here? If not, apologies and err...whoops} : there is no price list by the upstairs tapas bar, when last I was there.

Rating : 4

Richard Kastein: Multifarious with its four bars. The busiest and best for a pint is Finnigan's Irish Bar which is frequented by lots of students. Next best in my opinion is the Tapas Bar upstairs - alas it is always deserted. The other two bars are restaurants basically - I've had Sunday lunch in the one downstairs; nevertheless I've had a pint in both.

Rating : 7.5

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