The Castle Inn

36 Castle Street, Cambridge (01223) 353194

Current Average Rating : 6.8

Mike Miller: (16/05/99) This is the Castle on Castle Hill, of course, as opposed to The Castle opposite Emmanuel college. This is a good place with lots of drinking areas and an extensive nice outside section (just a shame it's shared with a car park). It's an Adnams pub, so serves three or four Adnams beers, other regulars such as Pedigree and 6X, and one-offs - up to 9 different beers at any one time, and there's usually at least 8 on. The main problem is that it's very expensive - you'd think it would be cheaper than city centre pubs, but it isn't. The food is good value and very filling, the cod and chips (with peas and salad) is gorgeous and probably the nicest pub meal I have in Cambridge. Go here for this alone. On the down side, it can get too full, and the better County Arms is just across the road.

Rating : 8.5

Daniel Auger: This pub really ought to be named the Charles I - the beer seems to be lacking a head! It can be hard to get a seat at times but the noise level is quite low and the selection of bitters is quite good. Much better than it's namesake opposite Emmanuel College.

Richard Kastein: Quite big and buzzing with students but the furnishing's a bit spartan. Has random crests on the walls. This pub went down in my estimation last time I visited when a 'scragger' took some money off me.

Rating : 5.5

Andrew Hollingsworth: Rating : 6

Ben Chalmers: (23/11/98) An Adnams pub, with a good, ever changing, range of beers. The pub can become very crowded, but the upstairs room (which I am told is non-smoking) often has seats, and in the summer, there is a nice patio where room is normally available. Worth mentioning because Fitz people often work there, and because the beer is good enough to outweigh my prejudices against the place.

Rating : 7

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