The King Street Run

86 King Street, Cambridge (01223) 328900

Current Average Rating : 3.5

Mike Miller: (04/05/99) Boring, pretentious decorations, expensive. Not my kind of place at all. The beer range is quite good, and there's table football, but if the bouncers don't put you off then there's a good chance the clientele, the music, or the general tackiness of the decor will.

Rating : 4

Andrew Hollingsworth: This pub is quite annoying. It tries to be young and groovy; fine if it worked, but it doesn't. Better off a few yards along the road in the Champion.

Rating : 2

Richard Kastein: Things don't start well with the bouncers at the door turning away anyone who looks vaguely too young if you don't have proof of age - and a student card won't do. In the end it turned out not really worth getting past them though. About its only saving grace is that it shows football matches on satellite TV.

Rating : 5

Ben Chalmers: (21/04/99) Loud, boisterous, and not my cup of tea at all. I didn't think much of the beer and was more or less unable to talk to my friends over the noise. I don't really see much reason to go back.

Rating : 3

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