The Little Rose Fish and Oyster Bar (or something!)

(formerly The Little Rose)

37 Trumpington Street, Cambridge (01223) 362433

Achieved Average Rating (while still The Little Rose): 7.2

The Little Rose has reopened as something trendy and bad-sounding. It hasn't been visited yet though, so all the reviews below pertain to pre-refurbishment.

Mike Miller: (15/02/99) I've only been there once, but it seemed a nice relaxing place. A sort of combined pub/restaurant, the staff seemed friendly enough and I managed to watch a Channel 4 program (which was boring, but this wasn't really the fault of the pub). Didn't seem stupidly expensive either. Could well have been the Cow and Calf for the 'southerners'.

Rating : 8

Andrew Hollingsworth: Opposite Peterhouse. Because Peterhouse people don't get out much it is NOT swarming with Peterhouse students. This pub is the best for a nice relaxing pint. No pressures, friendly bar staff and a TV to watch Newsnight on.

Rating : 7

Richard Kastein: A weekly watering-hole for me for one and a half years (German Society Stammtisch), you could do a lot worse than popping in here. However last time I was in, two of the staff had disappeared and instead there was someone new - let's hope this will only be temporary and Clive will be back soon. Generally rather quiet. Has a restaurant and more bar seating towards the back.

Rating : 6.5

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