The Elm Tree

Orchard Street, Cambridge (01223) 363005

Current Average Rating : 5.5

Mike Miller: (18/10/98) A very small Charles Wells pub, serving Charles Wells IPA and Bombardier, among others. The beer is reasonably priced though the lager is quite expensive. Quite a friendly feel to the place, this is the only pub I've seen that has 'laddish' magazines (Loaded, FHM, etc.) as well as newspapers. The bar billiards is okay, but it gets in the way of the toilets. A range of pub games is also available, and there's a fish tank. All in all, quite a reasonable place.

Rating : 6

Richard Kastein: Quite good. Though a poor relation when compared with The Cricketers next door, it did have newspapers to read when we first visited and also bar billiards, a game akin to pool which can also be found in The Hopbine. The other customers were older people.

Rating : 5

Andrew Hollingsworth Rating : 5.5

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