The Sir Isaac Newton

84 Castle Street, Cambridge (01223) 505018

Current Average Rating : 4.8

Mike Miller: (14/05/99) A nice exterior (including the predictable apple, proclaiming it to be 'the key to secrets of the universe') isn't matched inside. There's lots of strange open places, it's impersonal, noisy, has Greene King beer, dubious locals, and is so near lots of better pubs (The Grapes, County Arms and Castle) that you have to wonder why you'd want to go. It has a large TV screen and shows lots of sports, serves food at various times, and is on two levels. I was forced to rewrite this review on viewing the fact it has a millenium countdown board outside - aagh! A modern, poor pub.

Rating : 4

Richard Kastein: This is a modern pub of the good variety. Plush. Two floors, a pool table through in a separate room on the ground floor, a juke-box. Quite expensive but never mind.

Rating : 7

Andrew Hollingsworth: Rating : 5

Rob Hague: (30/01/99) It's a pile of shite. Crap beer, crap food, not much atmosphere. Do yourself a favour and go to one of the other, far better, pubs within spitting distance. Like the Grapes, or the Castle, or the County...

Rating : 3 ('and because I'm in a generous mood')

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